Montserrat worked for the Kentia Shirt Company from July 2004 to February 2006. She was employed as the senior patternmaker to use traditional manual patternmaking skills as well as the Lectra and Domino programs to complete patterns, grading and production deadlines.

Her responsibilities were patternmaking, grading and marker making for 5 Labels under the umbrella company Kentia, as well as their separate clients. This role also included:

  • Interpreting and carrying out overseas as well as Australian orders to be manufactured in Sydney, China and Thailand.
  • Fabric cost analysis for each style and pattern marker.
  • Creating specification sheets for existing and new shirt styles.
  • Working closely with the in-house production cutter and factory.
  • Communication with clients and problem solving.

In December 2013 she joined the Kentia team once again in a different role. Working on an internship, her role was researching and gathering information for a new product design direction.

In January 2014 – August 2014 she was asked to work as a freelance illustrator and researcher and continue the work she had started while on the internship with the Ganton Shirt Label.

Her responsibilities were:

  • Illustrating product range boards for a client pitch.
  • Stylizing figures showing details of the product and production sketches.
  • Ongoing research for a new product design direction.

TECH-CREW-male-collectionWEBPresentation of production sketches for client. 2014





Ganton style fits.

Dinner_shirtsDinner Shirt selection:




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