I Peck your Pun LABEL

Photo of the designers Montserrat And Luci Torres

Montserrat (left) and Luci (right) Torres

I Peck your Pun (IPYP) was a woman’s wear label started by Luci and Montserrat Torres that ran from 1998 til 2006. This is the story of two sisters who decided to go against the advice of their mum and start their own boutique women’s label.

Of course, their mum was talking from experience as she had been trained as a seamstress in Spain. She knew it was a hard industry and usually all the long hours that were put in weren’t necessarily paid back. But Luci and Montse had already fallen in love with clothing design when as children they would tear off Barbie’s clothes and make her an Abba outfit and Ken would have to go equally solid gold with some denim flares, made out spare fabric cut off the hem of some skirt. The spark had been lit and there was no going back.

original_studio_frntStarting out by making small woman’s wear ranges to sell on the weekends in Glebe and Bondi markets, their clothes were headhunted by stylists needing fresh threads for Home and Away actors in a publicity event for the 2nd ever Sydney Fashion Week. The girls were introduced to a few loyal stockists who not only started the official business but kept their love till the end. Selling in Melbourne to these two unique, pioneering boutiques “Alice Euphemia” and “Fat52″ (now called “Fat“) gave the label the exposure for it to grow and reach an audience that hadn’t previously been possible. Boutiques in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth soon after began selling IPYP.

The atmosphere: There was a love of new and imaginative design and it was supported by a new breed of stockist popping up in Sydney and Melbourne in the late 90’s. People were sick of the heirachy which had grown stale and it seemed there were a lot of people trying to create their own stamp on fashion.

The moto: Every season had to be radically different to the last. The idea was to remain fresh and never cave in to financial pressures or temptations like repeating a best seller. Keep them hungry and they will learn to snap up that piece NOW, not later. I Peck your Pun was a designers indulgence. The most inventive you could get within the constraints of running a business.


LUCI:  Once finishing up with IPYP, designed under her eponymous label LUCI TORRES. She also worked freelance for Espirit amongst others ….before starting up her vintage shop “2nd Hand Land” on Cleveland st. Which now exists solely in cyberspace. She is currently enjoying a small hiatus being mum to a 4 yr old.  http://2ndhandland.com.au/

MONTSE:  Worked for Kentia Shirts as the senior patternmaker before skipping the light fantastic to Spain where she lived for 2 years. She continued designing for Alphadventure in Madrid while also studying Shiatsu.  She finished her Massage Therapy Cert IV in Sydney as the high octane party/social life in Madrid was in no way conducive to studying.  After working in Sydney in the health industry for five and half years, she returned to fashion as a print surface designer, as she realized her passions lay in the decorative art and design field. She currently lives in Madrid again (this time she has curbed her partying ways) and is focusing on her print design career.




Throughout the years I peck your Pun joined together with other designers or stylists or organizations to create projects in which they were both interested in. “Collaborating with other creative people will always be a highlight as it teaches you so much and keeps you invigorated and inspired by the other person’s unique sensibilities and … Continue reading COLLABORATIONS


BOUTIQUE : I Peck your Pun  Co- Director / Visual Merchandiser. In June 2003, Luci and Montserrat opened the flagship store for “I Peck your Pun”. They designed the interior and created window displays every fortnight as well as selling  the IPYP current collection. Other local and UK designers were showcased, selling their clothing and … Continue reading RETAIL SHOP

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